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New Learning Academy for MSDLT


On May19th, after extensive discussion and research,the School Board MSD of Lawrence Township unanimously voted to approve the structure of the new  Lawrence Advance Academy,slated  to open in August of2014. The school will be built around the premise that in education,one  size does  not fit all.The secondary intervention system is currently a three-tiered approach,and Lawrence Advance Academy will be a tier three intervention. Students may not fit the traditional school format for many reasons:

  • Academic Struggles
  • Social Issues
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Attendance Problems
  • Mental Health Issues

The mission of the program is,“To provide students at risk of not earning a diploma within the allotted four-year time frame with the opportunity to earn credits in a focused atmosphere in which the paceis determinedbytheindividual student’s desiretomeet this goal.”

The program will house upto180students at the Lawrence Education and Community Center,formerly Craig Middle School.Targeted students will be 11thgraders completing five semesters with twenty or fewer credits,or six semesters,with24 or fewer credits. Students and parents will participate in a mandatory intake conference with the building principal prior to admittance.Those admitted will be provided with laptops and courses will be delivered by teachers through Canvas,an open-source learning management system.

Per School Board President,Mrs.KathyVarie:“The School Board remains committed to helping every student with the desire to earn a high school diploma.We know that without a high school diploma,a young person will have difficulty securing employment throughout his or her life and consequently will struggle to contribute positively to our community. The Lawrence Advance Academy is an investment in our youth and our Lawrence Township community.The School Board applauds the work of our new Superintendent,Dr. Shawn Smith,and his team to address the needs of all students in our school district.”

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